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Saturday, December 24

Hey , just a sorry because i take a time to me . A lot a thing happen to myself and I couldn't tell it because it very secrettttttttt  - Dont ask to many about my result . Damn shit you know ?
I cant accept what have I done in 2011 . So different with my result in UPSR . Guess what ? I got 4A 1B on my UPSR , but my PMR I just got 4B , how idiot me ? My friend who get lower than me on UPSR , she get 8A on PMR , see ? But I did not cry because this is  my fault . Always playing in school , doesnt focud what teacher saying . Me not regret because this is very very careless mistake that I make in my LIFE !
Mom , dad , very sorry because make you dissapoint to me , I promise and swear to myself I will do the best for my SPM in 2 years later . If I cry , it doesnt meaning anything more , just cool ,  Calm down .
Forget about what have happen . Continue your life and enjoy :3

Me in love - Okay thanks to him because come to my life and make me feel better . Thanks for understand me . Thanks because you can accept me who I am . Thanks because make me smile . Thanks because give me a truly love . Thanks because you trust me . Thanks because what you have done . Me appreciate . I hope only you live in me heart just because only you can make me smile love .


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